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Tom Hanks kindly sent his comments about the poster. Click here to read his note. Be sure to catch Magnificent Desolation at an IMAX theatre near you.



Over the past couple of years my model has appeared in a couple of publications. In 2021, Astronomy Now, August Issue, included an Apollo 15 retrospective article entitled "How the Lunar Rover Revolutionized Lunar Exploration". I was honoured to have an updated version of my model appear in this article. You can see this entire issue here.

Author Earl Swift kindly included my model in his "Across the Airless Wilds: The Lunar Rover and the Triumph of the Final Moon Landings" book. It's a very good read and can be ordered here.

ROVER NEWS September 2019

I recently visited SpaceFestX in Tucson Arizona where I met Dave Scott, Al Worden and Charlie Duke. Having witnessed the Apollo 15 launch it was quite an honor to meet two members of the Apollo 15 crew after 48 years. I also met Doug Forrest from Apollo-Arts. Doug has produced some of the most beautiful artwork I have seen showcasing Apollo. His highly detailed pencil work is astonishing. I was very pleased my rover model helped Doug with his "Green Rock... Rockin' Rover" drawing. I have this print which Dave Scott autographed. If you love Apollo, you must visit Doug's site.


My rover model has appeared in 2 space films and a book.

The first is Mark Gray's "Live from the Moon" 2 hour HD television documentary. The film "features key players in the Apollo television story." I am honoured to have my model appear in his film. You can order the DVD and Blu Ray here.

The second is a 3d short video simulation ride for the Science Museum in London England called "Legend of Apollo". Ben Smith's Red Star 3d company created the film which depicts the mission of Apollo 15. Thanks to Eric Jones' Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, where my work is displayed, Ben was able to contact me to use my model in his film. Dave Scott, Commander of Apollo 15, is the technical advisor of this project. It is a tremendous honour as my model is the LRV-1 from Apollo 15.

Anthony Young kindly included my model in his space history book titled "Lunar and Planetary Rovers: The Wheels of Apollo and the Quest for Mars". It is an fascinating story about the lunar rover from start to finish. You can order his book here.

$12.50 (US) each
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For those of you who have been following my rover website, I have now completed LRV-1 from Apollo 15. For over 2 years I researched and modeled this amazing vehicle. I was able to complete up to a point and was fortunate to have found a number of kind folks on the internet who have helped me tremendously. I want to thank them again for their help.

I have now completed and produced this poster of the lunar rover. It is an overview of the 3 flights and includes images of the real rover along with images of my model illustrating the ingenious methods of deployment and other interesting facts about the design.

Apollo 15 Lunar Rover