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Hello everyone,.

The Moonbuggy Races are on again. They are now scheduled for April 7-8 2006.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to sign our petition. I hope our words carried additional weight in NASA's decision to hold the races again.

Thank you to all the teachers who informed NASA that canceling the races impacted their school plans.

Thanks also to Donna Fork at the Huntsville Times who helped immensely and got the word out. Read her online article here.

Unfortunately this good news does not guarantee the survival of the races after April. I will leave this page up for the time being. If you love this event and want to see it continue please sign our petition. Let us know your thoughts.

Note: we will not share your email address with any party except to send to NASA, and will only email you to inform you of some major development directly related to this petition.
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